Which bike can I choose?

Check your bike policy/intranet or HR to see what bike you can order.

Where can I order my bike?

You can choose your bike in one of our Ushops https://apps.ubike.be/fr/ushop

Which options can I choose?

The options allowed by your employer can be found in your bike policy/intranet - wearing a helmet/fluorescent waistcoat is recommended by Ubike (if not mandatory according to your bike policy). Please note: if insurance is included in your contract, bike racks are NOT covered by insurance.

If I order a speed pedelec, is there any extra formality?

You will need to add at least 3 weeks to the delivery time as the registration is done manually – pls provide a copy of your driving licence upon delivery.

How is the maintenance carried out?

When you go to the shop for your maintenance, you just have to give your first and last name to the shop.

They will be able to identify you on our platform and encode the repair.

The cost of the service will be deducted directly from your available maintenance balance.

You can check your balance at any time by clicking on the "check my balance" tab.

WARNING : Your balance is not cumulative

What is the ordering procedure?

1 - Once you have chosen a bike, the Ushop makes an offer via Planet & You and sends it to Ubike.
2 - Ubike receives the offer and analyses whether the price/information is in line with the reality/market/prescriptions of your bike policy.
3 - Ubike sends you an automatic email requesting validation to the email address provided in the Ushop (remember to check your junk mail if you have not received it). Once you have validated it, a mention on the screen confirms the validation date of your offer.
4 - Upon receipt of your validation, Ubike sends a validation request to the HR/entity that manages the mobility component within your company.
5 - Once the validation from your HR is received, Ubike places the order at the Ushop of your choice. The shop will confirm the order and the delivery date (time between the validation of the offer and the order from the shop +/- 1 week).
6 - The shop will inform you of the arrival of the bike and agree on a delivery date.
7 - Upon delivery, you sign and date a delivery note and provide a copy of your driving license in case of speedpedelec.

8 - After delivery you will receive an automatic email inviting you to activate your maintenance voucher (if included in the contract).

9 - In case of speedpedelec, the green card will be sent to you by the insurance company.

Can I get discounts in the shop when I make my offer? NO, except during sales periods or in case of  a particular discount granted on a specific model and clearly displayed in the shop

What is the procedure in case of theft?

Theft* to be notified within 48 hours to insurance@ubike.be and pls provide :


  • Theft document (see appendix)
  • Police report (or certificate of complaint)
  • Describe the circumstances (place/time)

Please note that the insurance company is entitled to request photos of the lock keys, battery etc. at a later date.
You stop paying on the date of reporting - no bike replacement.

*Refer to your Bike Policy or HR department to find out whether your employer has subscribed to this cover - general & special conditions to be found in the "insurance - conditions" tab

What is the procedure in case of accident?

Accident* to be notified within 48 hours to insurance@ubike.be.

Our insurance policy: MA33008241. Pls provide :

  • Fill in the claims document (see appendix)
  • Pictures of the damage
  • Repair estimation from Ushop
  • If a third party has been identified, we also need the police report

Personal injury will either be covered by your employer's work accident insurance if the accident took place on the way to or from work or by your family's liability insurance.!!! cosmetic damages (scratches) are not covered 

The repair of an accident must take place in the Ushop that provided the basic repair estimate to the insurance.

Are accidents outside office hours covered? Yes, if the requirements of the insurance are met

I have a Total Loss at fault - do I still have to pay the remaining monthly payments? Yes, Ubike will only be able to stop the leasing contract and the invoicing after receiving the verdict from the insurance company. If the Total Loss is confirmed, Ubike will stop the leasing on the date of the loss and will eventually reimburse you the excess. An excess will be charged (if applicable)

I have an accident at fault - do I have to continue to pay the remaining instalments? Yes, the leasing contract continues, a repair will be carried out once the company gives the go-ahead and an excess will be charged

I have a punctured tyre, is the repair covered by the insurance? No, but if necessary a bike can be rented at your expense


*Please refer to your Bike Policy or your HR department to find out whether your employer has subscribed to this cover - general & special conditions to be found in the "insurance - conditions" tab

Who should I contact in the case of a breakdown*?

In the event of a breakdown in Belgium or at a maximum distance of 30 km beyond our borders, you benefit from a 24/7 assistance service*.
You can contact our assistance service via this telephone number: +32 (0)4 340 56 23

 *Please refer to your Bike Policy or your HR department to find out whether your employer has subscribed to this cover - general & special conditions can be found under the "insurance - conditions" tab


Guarantee case: contact the Ushop where you bought the bike.

How old do you have to be to drive an e-bike or a speedpedelec?

non-autonomous e-bike (the electric motor only works when you pedal): no age limit
autonomous e-bike (the bike can be started without pedalling): from 16 years old
speedpedelecs : 18 years old

Insurance - Product sheets

Product sheet - Insurance

Product sheet - road assistance

Product sheet - precautionnary measures

Product sheet - Bike 1+ Bike 2 (if subscribed by your employer)

Insurance - conditions

Omnium special conditions

Civil liability - legal protection - individual cycling (Cycling policy) general conditions (see the guarantees covered in your contract in the bike policy or with your HR department - Only the special conditions (above) Omnium are applicable for Ubike bikes.

Advice on repairs, anti-theft devices etc.

Can I repair my bike myself? Repairs can only be carried out by an authorised bikeshop, we do not have a certification system in place, if you wish to carry out repairs it is your own responsibility.

What happens if I want to speed things up and I ask for my bike to be repaired and I pay for it myself? The repair can only be done after the insurance has been investigated&verdict, if you decide to authorise the repair and pay for it yourself, it is your responsibility because at this stage there is no guarantee that the claim will be covered

I have lost my lock, what should I do? Buy the same lock at your own expense so that you are still directly covered by the insurance in case of theft/attempted theft - the insurance will compensate later

I have lost the keys to the lock? a card is often supplied with the lock allowing you to make a duplicate 

Please note: if insurance is included in your contract, bike racks are NOT covered by insurance.