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How to order your (e-)bike ?


Consider what type of bike you can afford based on your budget. Find out which Ushop is in your area.


Go to the Ushop(s) of your choice, choose the bike that best suits your needs and budget (the Ushop is equipped to give you the price of each bike live), and ask for an offer to be sent to you by e-mail.


You will receive the offer by e-mail. Click on the link in the e-mail to view the offer. To order the bike, tick the box indicating that you confirm the order and agree to the Bike Policy (if provided by your employer).


Your order is then forwarded to your employer. As soon as the order has been validated by your employer, an order form will be sent to the Ushop that sent the offer. A maintenance voucher will be sent to you once the bike has been delivered (if provided by the employer).


As soon as your bike is ready, the Ushop will contact you to collect it. Your employer receives a confirmation of the delivery.


Below is a list of examples. This will help you to get an idea of what you might be entitled to before you visit your local Ushop.


Modular 36V 8 Speed

Tokyo Bike



E-Courrier PT5 13.4Ah


Fenix C Ultegra ML


Image 5.B Advance (v2020)



* Indicative prices

Maintenance & Repairs

Have you taken delivery of your bike? 

Now you can use it for as many of your journeys as possible.

Annual voucher

You are entitled to an annual amount excluding VAT for maintenance and repairs. This amount, defined by your employer, will be granted to you each year of your financing period1.

National Network

Would you like to discover a new Ushop? Have you moved since you received your (e-)bike? Would you like to benefit from a national network of partner stores? Your voucher is valid in all Ushops!


Ubike recommends 2 visits to the shop (Ushop) per year for maintenance (in addition to your repairs).


More information on your road assistance and insurance